Tongue Fu!® E-Course II

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Tongue Fu!® E-Course II


The Tongue Fu!® II e-course includes 12 videos on “TURNING CONFLICTS INTO COOPERATION” for a total of 60+ minutes of training from Tongue Fu!® creator and world-renowned speaker, Sam Horn.

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Tongue Fu!® II – Advanced Techniques for Dealing with Difficult People

Tongue Fu!® II – Module 1:  Turn Resentment into Rapport

Video 1.  Instantly End Complaints

“We can be right or we can be happy.” – A Course in Miracles

  • When people complain, don’t explain. Explanations comes across as excuses.
  • How to  use the AAA Train so people know you’re accountable.
  • Why it can help to apologize – even when it’s not your fault 

Video 2:  Find Solutions, Not Fault

“Our task is not to fix the blame for the past, it’s to fix the course for the future.” – John F. Kennedy

  • How to stop blaming with this hand gesture (no, not that one!)
  • Four words that can stop arguments in their tracks
  • What will you do next time people are finger-pointing and fault-finding

Video 3:  Why NOT to Deny Negative Accusations

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” – Don Draper, from the television series “Mad Men”

  • Why Saying Something isn’t True Often Proves Someone’s Point
  • Four words that can help us find us the root of an attack
  • What will you do next time someone accuses you of something that’s unfair or unkind?

Video 4:  Handle Hassles with Fun Fu!

“If you can laugh at it, you can live with it.” – Erma Bombeck

  • Who is someone who pushes your hot buttons?
  • Appropriate ways to use comic relief to defuse tense situations
  • What are you sensitive about? How will you come up with a comeback?


Tongue Fu!® II – Module 2: Turn Conflict into Cooperation

Video 5:  Ethically Turn a No into a Yes

“Time is the new money.” – Richard Branson

  • Anticipate Why Someone will Say NO and Say it First
  • Why It’s Crucial to Take LESS Time Than Anticipated
  • How to Remove Objections and Make Their Concern Moot 

Video 6:  Share Control

“Whether or not we support a decision depends on whether it’s being done TO us or BY us.” – Warren Reed

  • Instead of making unilateral decisions, could you offer OPTIONS?
  • If people are resisting, is it because they are apart from the process instead of being a part of it?
  • What you can do to include vs. exclude people from decisions that affect them. 

Video 7:  Name the Game

“Include me out.” – Samuel Goldwyn

  • Why it’s important to call people on their unethical tactics
  • How to agree to disagree when you’re at an impasse.
  • What do do if someone is playing games or being passive-aggressive.

Video 8:  Choose Your Battles

“Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet.” – African saying

  • 8 Criteria for Knowing When to Hold ‘Em and when to Fold ‘Em
  • How to know if someone’s behavior is intentional or accidental.
  • Clarify whether “going to the mat” will be a short-term-win or a long-term loss

Tongue Fu!® II – Module 3:  How to CONFDENTLY Handle Abuse and Aggression

Video 9:  What to Do in Meetings That Spiral Out-of-Control

“If you had to identify in one word the reason the human race has not achieved its full potential, that word would be MEETINGS.” -Dave Barry

  • The Importance of Establishing and Enforcing Ground-rules
  • What to Do When People Interrupt, Trash-Talk or Talk Over You
  • What To Do When People Take Credit For Your Idea

Video 10:  Are You Dealing with a 5%er? Take the Bully Quiz

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou

  • 95% of people want a win-win.  They care what’s fair and want to cooperate.
  • 5% of people want to  win. They don’t have a conscience, they want to control at any cost.
  • How will you change expectations and approaches when dealing with 5%ers?

Video 11:  Do the You

“What we accept, we teach.” – Tongue Fu’ism

  • How to Protect Your Boundaries and Hula Hoop of Space with Bullies
  • How to Use Body Language to Show You’ll Stand Up for Yourself
  • How to Speak Truth to Power with Respect Instead of Being Intimated

Video 12:  Take Responsibility for Your Mental and Physical Wellness

“Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude.” – Victor Frankl

  • Post and Follow these Clarity Rules
  • Assess If There’s a Risk for Physical Violence
  • How to Deal with Cyber-Bullies
  • How To Stay Healthy in the Midst of Toxicity


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