Hire a Tongue Fu!℠ Speaker for your next Event

Tongue Fu!℠ creator, Sam Horn, is an award-winning speaker who has delivered more than 5,000 presentations for a wide variety of groups in the past twenty years. You can count on Sam exceeding your audience’s expectations.

Keynote Topics

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All Tongue Fu! speaking topics are available as:

  • 30 – 60 minute keynote
  • 60 – 90 minute conference breakout session
  • 40 – 60 minute webinar or virtual presentation
  • Half-day workshop
  • Full-day intensive training
Presentations can also be customized for your group.  In a pre-call with a member of your organization, we will take note of what is happening within your business as well as trends and priorities occurring in your industry. 
We then tailor your presentation with relevant examples and “I can use that today” insights that are inspiring and actionable for your group.
"Sam's ability to intrigue a ballroom of 800 people and keep them engaged from start to finish is extraordinary. Thanks for hitting a home run that made our annual awards ceremony a huge success."
Erin Smith


For everyone…

Would you like to know what to say, when you don’t know what to say? 

If so, you’re in the right place. This inspiring keynote features FAQ’s and Sam’s most popular insights from her best-selling book Tongue Fu!℠ which has been published in 17 languages and taught to a half million people worldwide. 

You’ll love the diverse quotes, relatable anecdotes and real-life success stories that show how others have learned to give and get the respect they want, need and deserve –  and how you can too.

For team leaders, project managers, employees, and more…

Would you like to know what to do when people complain, when someone gets upset, when a meeting deteriorates into blaming?  

If so, you’re in the right place.  

Discover how to stop arguments in their tracks, instantly end complaints, find solutions not fault, and keep your cool – even when others aren’t.

Perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to set an example of courtesy and respect so people choose to respond in kind.

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"Tongue Fu! helps educators and students learn crucial life lessons in a realistic, accessible way."
Meryl Marshall-Daniels
CEO of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
Tongue Fu Keynote - School ages children playing together


"I love Tongue Fu! for Schools. This practical guidebook offers real help for a real problem ... a lack of rapport and respect between those in school."
Paul Houston
Executive Director of the American Association of School Administrators

For principals, teachers, school staff, and more…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to prevent and resolve conflicts? 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know what to say in the dozens of sensitive, challenging situations you face every day? 

You can!  This proven program shows how to get along better with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

These are the communication skills that deserve to be taught right along with math, science and history. 

The good news is, when you use these respectful approaches, students and parents are motivated to use them too.

For association leaders, board members, committee chairs, and more…

The success of an association is directly proportionate to the success of its relationships. 

Discover why ASAE, SHRM, NSA, MPI, and dozens of industry associations have featured Tongue Fu!℠ at their events.

You’ll appreciate these specific suggestions on how to communicate with coworkers, members, exhibitors, and more.

Discover how to build trust and rapport and set the tone for win-win relationships that benefit all involved. 

Walk away with innovative approaches you can use in meetings, emails, newsletters, training programs & events.


"Thanks for giving me the coaching I needed to speak confidently about our technology. I am grateful and remember you every time I give a presentation. I am proud to say we were chosen as one of Business Week Magazine's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs."
Kathleen Callendar
Co-Founder of PharmaJet


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In Stressful Times & Sensitive Situations

Feel like you can’t say anything right? In turbulent times, it’s more important than ever to respond to stressful, sensitive situations with civility and proactive diplomacy so people are motivated to move things forward – together.

If you feel like you’re talking on eggshells, you’ll welcome these dialogue samples of what TO say and NOT to say in virtual meetings, Zoom calls, and town halls.

As Alice Walker said, “Look closely at the present you’re constructing. It should look like the future you’re dreaming.” These tips can help you conduct civil, productive conversations that serve all involved … now and in the future.

Tongue Fu!℠ Tips to Feeling Heard, Seen, and Valued

Did you know that Jeff Weiner, former CEO of LinkedIn, told CNBC that “interpersonal skills are the #1 skills gap across the United States?

In this life and career-changing session, you’ll learn the interpersonal skills you wish you’d been taught in school including how to:

*  listen to others even when you don’t want to  – and motivate other people to want to listen to you

* become more aware of your impact on others and how you are perceived

*  express opinions in a gracious, non-aggressive way

* get credit for your contributions, quality work and results

* speak up in meetings and get your ideas heard

* set an example of tactful, collaborative leadership

If you’ve ever felt overlooked or under-appreciated, this  course is for you. Discover how to take responsibility for your  career success and work satisfaction, now not someday.

"If your response to verbal bullies is either to suffer in silence or retaliate, Tongue Fu!® can help."
- Executive Female
"Sam Horn captures and holds an audience's attention by delivering immediately actionable advice. People sat on the edge of their chairs listening and absorbing Sam's suggestions."
Jack Gelman
Group Chairman of Vistage International, Inc.
"Everyone has a bully in their life. This shows you how to deal with them. It's terrific."
Jeff Fox
Author of "How to Become a Great Boss"

Take the Bully by the Horns

Are you dealing with someone who steamrolls over others?  Does this person cause a disproportionate amount of damage in your organization?

Chances are, that person is a 5%er — a person who doesn’t care what’s fair — a person who wants to control, not cooperate.

The good news is, there are certain things you can do and say to stop 5%ers from taking advantage of you. 

And you don’t have to sacrifice your integrity or jeopardize your job.

For any industry, profession or trade conference…

Want a customized presentation for your company or convention?

Tongue Fu!℠ has been taught to dozens of different types of organizations including:

Healthcare (hospitals, medical centers, orthodontists, dentists, medical associations of physicians, nurses, etc.)

Financial services (banks, insurance agencies, credit card companies, financial associations, wealth managers, etc.) 

Hospitality and food & beverage (hotels, airlines, restaurants, car rental agencies, travel associations, etc.) 

Government (all branches of the military, city, state and federal agencies including GSA, Honolulu Police, etc.)

Education (school districts, teacher and superintendent associations, PTA, etc.) 

Business (Chamber of Commerce Institute, YPO, EO, Small Business Administration, BNI)

+ utilities, aerospace, transportation, pharma, international summits, parks/sports/recreation, leadership, and more. 

Program participants often say “You must have worked in our industry” because the examples and insights are so timely. 


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"Tongue Fu! helps us to recognize and respond to inappropriate and intrusive behavior with clarity and conviction."
Patti Breitman
Author of "How to Say NO Without Feeling Guilty"

Sam Horn, Tongue Fu!℠ Master!

Sam Horn is the CEO of the Intrigue Agency, a positioning/messaging consultancy, which helps people design and deliver compelling, respectful communications that add value for all involved.

Award Winning Speaker

Presented to more than half a million people worldwide & for clients such as: Intel, Capital One, Cisco, the US Navy, & more.

Best Selling Author

Author of nine books from New York publishers including "Tongue Fu!℠" and Washington Post bestseller "Got Your Attention?”

Messaging Expert

Positioning & messaging projects for clients including Larry Lynch (former Director of the Disney Institute), Terry Jones, (Founder of Travelocity & Kayak) & more.

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