Respectful communications at work, at home, in school and in public.

Have You Ever Had Someone... 
woman-in-white-crew-neck-shirt-wearing-black-framed-3766213 - Copy
Blame You

For something that's not your fault?

Get Angry

Take their anger out on you?

Criticize You

For a mistake you didn't mean to make?

Gaslight You

Say something cruel and then say "just kidding?"

Argue With You

Start complaining or arguing with you and not stop?

Disrespect You

Cause you stress because they were rude or disrespectful?

If So, You Are Not Alone. 


0 %
of people reported experiencing uncivil behavior at work

*Harvard Business Review

0 %
of employees say they are often disengaged at work

*2018 Gallup Poll

0 %
of employees say employers don't listen to their ideas 

*2018 Gallup Poll

0 %
of people claim their stress interferes with their ability to get work done

*Anxiety & Depression
Association of America

0 %
of people feel the #1 skill their boss lacks is "communication" skills

*Harris poll in INC magazine

Imagine if you and your managers knew how to:  

  • Handle difficult people – without becoming one yourself
  • Give and get the respect you want, need and deserve
  • Keep your cool – even when other people aren’t
  • Motivate people to listen to you
  • Stop arguments and complaints in their tracks. 
  • Prevent time-consuming conflicts and stressful misunderstandings

You don’t have to imagine it.
Tongue Fu!® teaches you how to do it. 

That’s not just our opinion. Discover for yourself why Tongue Fu!® has been:
  • Taught to a half million people worldwide 
  • Presented to the U.S. Navy, Capital One, YPO,  National Geographic, ASAE
  • Published in 17 languages including Chinese, Russian, Korean and Turkish
  • Endorsed by John Gray, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Dan Millman
  • Featured in New York Times, Successful Meetings, Chicago Tribune, Readers Digest

How Tongue Fu!® Can Help


Hire best-selling author and world renowned speaker, Sam Horn to present a relevant keynote at your conference or business.



Discover how to handle any verbal conflict from the comfort of your own home. Enroll in the Tongue Fu!® E-Course for INSTANT ACCESS. 



Want to get certified to teach Sam’s proven methodologies to your clients, employees, students and more? Become a certified trainer!


Books & Videos

Shop all of Sam’s best-selling books including titles such as: Tongue Fu!®, Someday is Not a Day in the Week, Take The Bully By The Horns & more.


What People Say About Tongue Fu!®

Tony Robbins in a black suit

"Tongue Fu! is a terrific book, full of verbal 're-engineering' designed to refocus us toward greater fulfillment in our dialogues with others through better communication."

Tony Robbins
Author & Speaker
The Foreign Service Journal Logo

"If you use the strategies outlined by Sam Horn, Tongue Fu! will change your attitude and the attitude of others. It will also change the way others treat you."

Foreign Service Journal
Founder & CEO
Jack Canfield, Author, in a black suit

"Tongue Fu! is a practical and easy-to-read book with immediate, usable ideas on the important topic of interpersonal relationships."

Jack Canfield
Author, Chicken Soup For The Soul
Library Journal Logo

"By focusing on real-life responses to verbal challenges instead of theories and platitudes, Sam Horn has delivered a convenient handbook for the mental martial art of verbal self-protection. Horn's book is a positive guide that can be returned to time and again. A popular title for all public library collections.

Library Journal
Founder & CEO
Susan Jeffers Head Shot With Red Dress

"Tongue Fu! is filled with delightful tools for keeping both feet on the ground instead of in the mouth. Both young and old need to learn its lifelong lessons for creating connection instead of alienation."

Susan Jeffers
Author, Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway


Hire award-winning speaker, Sam Horn, to give the keynote speech at your next conference, meeting or convention.  

Tongue Fu! Keynote - people working at an officeWould you like to know what to say, when you don’t know what to say? If so, you’re in the right place. In this inspiring keynote, Sam Horn shares her favorite stories and tips from her best-selling book Tongue Fu! which has been published in 17 languages and taught to a half million people worldwide. 

You’ll love Sam’s sense of humor, her laugh-out-loud anecdotes, actionable insights, and real-life success stories that show how others learned to give… and get, the respect they deserve – on and off the job – and how you can too.

Tongue Fu Keynote - group of people working togetherWould you like to know what to do when customers complain, a coworker gets upset, or a meeting deteriorates into fault-finding and finger-pointing?  

The good news is, Tongue Fu! teaches you exactly what to do and say in dozens of situations you face every day. You’ll learn how to turn resistance into rapport and conflict into cooperation, and how to keep your cool, even when others aren’t.

Tongue Fu Keynote - School ages children playing togetherWhether you’re a principal, teacher, counselor, student or part of the admin staff… you’ll welcome these techniques on how to get along better with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

These communication techniques deserve to be taught right along with math, science and history because they are the key to creating cooperative relationships where people choose to treat each other with respect.

What can you say if a member is unhappy with a program? If a board member makes everyone else miserable? If an employee is abrupt with a coworker? If exhibitors don’t pay their bill?

You’ll discover the answers to this and other questions in this session customized for associations. 

Discover why ASAE hired Sam to teach these techniques to their headquarters staff and members.

If you want peaceful meal times, bed-times, and homework-times,  you’ll LOVE Sam’s suggestions for how parents can speak so kids are motivated to listen.

No more sibling warfare, talking back or pouting. 

You’ll want to put these WORDS TO LOSE & WORDS TO USE on your refrigerator to keep them in-sight, in-mind so everyone remembers to use language that HELPS instead of HURTS.

Want Sam to customize a presentation for your company or convention?

Whether you’re in healthcare, financial services, hospitality, food & beverage, government, transportation, contracting, tech, utilities, or pharma, Sam has had an opportunity to speak for an organization in your industry and can tailor her examples and action steps to focus on YOUR priorities.

"Tongue Fu! is a gold mine for anyone who deals with the public."
- Executive Book Summaries

Tongue Fu!® Online Courses

Would you like to study Tongue Fu!® from the comfort of your own home or office?

Get Sam’s favorite Tongue Fu!® tips in 3-5 minute videos so you can dip in and derive value even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

Each video features a quote, success story, and actionable tips on WHAT TO SAY AND NOT TO SAY in challenging situations you may encounter on and off the job.

Discover What To Say When:

  People are upset and blaming you for something you didn’t do

  Someone is complaining and won’t listen to reason

  A meeting has deteriorated into blaming and shaming

  You have to give bad news

  Someone is getting on your last nerve


Could you be dealing with a bully?TAKE OUR QUIZ TO FIND OUT

Are you dealing with someone who is trying to control, intimidate or manipulate you? If so, you could be dealing with a bully. Want to know for sure? Take our helpful quiz to find out if you are dealing with a bully and if so, what to do about it!


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