Get Certified To Teach Tongue Fu!®

The Tongue Fu!® program is trademarked and the methodologies are copyrighted.

In order to maintain the integrity of the step-by-step methodologies material, we certify people in this unique presentation style and content to ensure program participants are receiving excellent, actionable recommendations they can put into practice that produces real world results at work, at home, and in their community.

Just as Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard certify individuals in their process, Tongue Fu!® certifies people in its processes as well. Learn more below.

Now Enrolling for In-Person Training
With Sam Horn on July 21-23, 2023

a personal message from Sam

You’ve heard the saying “It’s nothing personal. It’s just business,” right? 

I disagree. I think everyone wins when we personalize the way we do business.

That’s why I’m hosting a LIVE Tongue Fu! certification course at my home in Austin, TX.

On Friday night, I’ll welcome you into my home where we’ll have a catered dinner and a (literal) fireside chat, orientation, and welcome ceremony. 

Saturday, we’ll dive in and you’ll learn the special teaching format I’ve created that makes Tongue Fu! (almost always) THE highest-rated session at every conference at which it’s presented.

Sunday, you’ll learn biz dev best-practices on how to quickly grow a profitable career as a Tongue Fu! instructor/coach. PLUS, you’ll receive a bonus of Talking on Eggshells content. 

Talking on Eggshells just received a glowing review in Publisher Weekly (as did Tongue Fu! 20 years ago) and endorsements from Marie Forleo, Jack Canfield, Lynne Twist, and Whole Foods founder John Mackey, who called it “The course-correct for today’s cancel culture.” 

You’ll quickly discover how becoming certified in this proven, one-of-a-kind, much-needed content can give you a competitive edge for your career and business. 

Bring your walking shoes. My house sits on the Hamilton Greenbelt and you’re welcome to hit the trails at breaks (check out the waterfall a 10 minute walk away.) 

We’re going to have a lot of fun and get a lot done. I look forward to meeting you and to you joining our worldwide community of certified Tongue Fu! trainers.

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Why Get Tongue Fu!® Certified?

The Tongue Fu!® Certification is different from other programs because it is one of the only certifications that offers the following benefits:

Proven Success

Tongue Fu!® has a successful 20+ year track record of certifying people around the world to teach Tongue Fu!® processes. 

Expert Training

Learn from an internationally recognized expert and the top-ranked speaker at the International Platform Association.

Proven Methods

Scale your income and impact + add bottom-line value to your organization and audiences by introducing these proven methods.

Turn-Key Program

Everything you need to be presentation-ready so you can deliver a keynote, orientation, webinar, or training workshop.

Proven Processes

Based on best-selling books by Sam Horn which have been translated into 17 languages including Russian, Chinese, & more.

Trademarked Content

Based on trademarked content that has been delivered to organizations such as: the US Embassy, the US Navy, & AMGEN.

"Sam Horn is 100% present, one in a million. I am blessed to work with her, learn from her, evolve because of her."
Donna Karlin
TED Fellow Coach

How to Get CERTIFIed?



Get certified to teach Tongue Fu!® trademarked techniques in your organization / company.


Welcome Dinner & Orientation on Friday, July 21 thru 1pm on Sunday, July 23, 2023


LIVE at Sam's beautiful home in Lakeway, Texas
(see pics and details below.)

Would you like to do work you love that matters? You can jump on the bandwagon of a proven program that has a 20-year international track record of results from organizations like Boeing, Intel, Cisco, Capital One, and more?

If so, click the APPLY NOW button below to submit your application and we will schedule a 15-minute interview to determine if joining our community of Certified TF Trainers is a match.

Friday, July 21, 2023
5pm - 8pm
Welcome Dinner & Orientation
You'll be welcomed to the weekend at Sam's beautiful home in Lakeway, Texas with a catered dinner. Enjoy the breeze, take a walk on the trails behind Sam's home and join in on some fun community building games. What a wonderful start to a weekend where we'll have a lot of fun and get a lot done!
Friday, July 21, 2023
5pm - 8pm
Saturday, July 22, 2023
9am - 5pm
Tongue Fu! Training
We'll hit the ground running at 9am with Sam jumping right into Tongue Fu! Content. Plus, enjoy a catered lunch with other TF trainers (dinner on your own.)
Saturday, July 22, 2023
9am - 5pm
Sunday, July 23, 2023
8:30am - 12:30pm
Talking on Eggshells Training
We recognize that many people need to travel, so we'll start early and end early with a clear focus on incorporating business development, best practices for building a profitable career as TF trainer + bonus TALKUNG IN EGGSHELLS content for programs, podcasts, media.
Sunday, July 23, 2023
8:30am - 12:30pm

Can’t Make It Live?

For a limited time, Sam is offering Tongue Fu!® Certification on a 1:1 customizable basis

You’ll work directly with Sam to learn Tongue Fu!® tips and techniques and customize them to your goals and make this program a huge win for you and your followers / fans / employees / etc.

You’ll receive four 1:1 LIVE 80-minute virtual trainings personally delivered by Tongue Fu!® creator, Sam Horn.

Each session will be tailored to your needs + focus on how to teach Tongue Fu!® and customize the content for your intended audience.

It’s basically getting consulting AND certification in one program. Talk about a win/win!

You’ll also get access to our private Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with other Tongue Fu! trainers, access worksheets, templates, and resources, act on speaking, media and podcast opportunities, share best-practices and success stories, and ask/answer questions of colleagues.

Investment for 1:1 Tongue Fu! Certification with Sam – customized to fit your goals is $9,997

Top 5 Reasons to Get Certified

Become a Leader

Teach Tongue Fu!® material in your organization, school, government agency, or non-profit. You'll be able to share respected insights that have been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, INC, and the Washington Post.

Make An Impact

Do meaningful work that changes lives and makes a tangible difference for others.

Discover Proven Techniques

Offer proven, one-of-a-kind techniques that add value for all participants. Plus you'll learn from an expert who was twice the top-rated speaker at the International Platform Association and has been hired by Cisco, Intel, Capital One, ASAE and more.

Communicate More Effectively

Elevate the communication skills of yourself, employees, association members, and coworkers. You'll learn how to become an expert communicator and how to create rapport with everyone, every time.

Start With A Turnkey System

Save time by not having to create your own content from scratch. You'll receive a fully developed, turnkey system that saves you money, effort, and hassle.

"Working with Sam Horn is one of the best investments I have ever made! Her insights are pure genius and consistently yield amazing results. She is truly one-of-a-kind. I highly recommend her services to anyone wondering why they aren't achieving the success they desire."
Cynthia Shapiro
Author of "Corporate Confidential"

What's Included?

All certified Tongue Fu!® trainers receive the following benefits
Presentation Materials

Handouts for a 20-minute keynote, a 60-90 minute conference session, webinar or virtual training, and a half or full-day workshop + PowerPoint templates that can be adapted to your audience.  


Presentation coaching so you can deliver the content confidently and compellingly + recommendations on how to engage people from start-to-finish with Sam’s techniques on how to replace Infobesity with Intrigue.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing processes to generate interest in your programs so employees look forward to participating + a sales process to increase registrations for online classes and to generate  paid speaking engagements.

"I know a master teacher when I meet one. Sam provides coaching on a macro and micro level that is off the charts."
Dan Coughlin
CEO of The Coughlin Company (clients include Coca-Cola, McDonalds, GE, Shell Oil, Subway, Prudential, ReMax, Toyota)

How Can I Use My Certification?

  • Do people at work feel they are talking on eggshells these days?

  • Are they worried they might say something that is taken the wrong way?

  • Are you losing customers because your corporate communications are tone-deaf?

  • Do people feel they’re being blamed for something that is not their fault?

  • Are coworkers feeling stressed or exhausted and productivity is suffering?

  • Do you and your colleagues want to do and say the right thing – but don’t know what that is? 
The good news is, these specific respectful communication techniques can be used in person, online, and in writing. 
You’ll learn what to say – when you don’t know what to say – and how to handle sensitive situations with civility and proactive diplomacy. 
Even better, you’ll learn how to teach these techniques so everyone in your programs knows how to replace reactions that create conflict with responses that create cooperation.
Participants in your programs will THANK YOU for these WORDS TO LOSE AND USE that help them deal more proactively with complaints, arguments and bad behavior. 
And your organization will THANK YOU for preventing time-consuming, costly mistakes and misunderstandings that are causing employee turnover and losing them customers, profits and market-share.  
Apply today to reserve your spot in our upcoming certification program.

Can Anyone Get Certified?

The real question is, would you like to serve your organization, advance your career, and make a positive difference for yourself and others?

We encourage everyone who is interested to send us an email requesting an application. 

When deciding eligibility, we take into account your intent for using the program, your speaking experience, education, professional background and leadership credentials.

An important component is your motivation for wanting to be certified in Tongue Fu!® and the potential for people to be positively impacted by you.

"Sam Horn's impact on me in a public speaking workshop at the Leadership Academy completely changed my perspective on communication."
Matt Leedham
Director of Entrepreneur's Organization

Apply Today

Fill out the application for an opportunity to get training with Tongue Fu!® creator Sam Horn.

Email us at or call (805) 528-4351 to receive specific details or if you have any questions. Otherwise, click the button below to submit application now. We look forward to hearing from you and to you joining our global team of certified Tongue Fu!® instructors.