Get Certified To Teach Tongue Fu!®

The Tongue Fu!® program is trademarked and the step-by-step methodologies in the programs are copyrighted.

In order to maintain the integrity of the step-by-step methodologies material, we certify people in this unique presentation style and content to ensure program participants are receiving excellent, actionable recommendations they can put into practice that produces real world results at work, at home, and in their community.

Just as Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard certify individuals in their process, Tongue Fu!® certifies people in its process.

Why Tongue Fu!® Is Different

The Tongue Fu!® Certification is special because it is one of the only programs that offers these benefits

Proven Success

Tongue Fu!® has a successful 20+ year track record of certifying people around the world to teach Tongue Fu!® processes. 

Proven Processes

Based on best-selling books by Sam Horn which have been translated into 17 languages including Russian, Chinese, & more

Proven Methods

Scale your income and impact + add bottom-line value to your organization and audiences by introducing these proven methods.

Turn-Key Program

Everything you need to be presentation-ready so you can deliver a keynote, orientation, webinar or training workshop.

Expert Training

Learn from an internationally recognized expert and the top-ranked speaker at the International Platform Association

Trademarked Content

Based on trademarked content that has been delivered organizations such as: Boeing, the US Embassy, the US Navy, & AMGEN.

Why get certified?

Here are the top five reasons

Become a Leader

Teach Tongue Fu!® material in your organization, school, government agency or non-profit. You'll be able to share respected insights that have been featured in the New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, INC, and the Washington Post.

Make An Impact

Do meaningful work that changes lives and makes a tangible difference for others.

Discover Proven Techniques

Offer proven, one-of-a-kind techniques that add value for all participants. Plus you'll learn from an expert who was twice the top-rated speaker at the International Platform Association and has been hired by Boeing, Cisco, Intel, Capital One, ASAE and more.

Communicate More Effectively

Elevate the communication skills of yourself, employees, association members, and coworkers. You'll learn how to become an expert communicator aned how to create rapport with everyone, every time.

Start With A Turnkey System

Save time by not having to create your own content from scratch. You'll receive a fully developed, turnkey system that saves you money, effort, and hassle.

What's Included?

All certified Tongue Fu! trainers receive the following benefits
Presentation Materials

Handouts for a 20-minute keynote, a 60-90 minute seminar or breakout session, and a half or full-day workshop + PowerPoint templates that can be adapted to your audience and situation.


Presentation coaching so you can deliver the content confidently and compellingly + recommendations on how to engage people from start-to-finish with Sam’s techniques on how to replace Infobesity with Intrigue.

Sales & Marketing

Marketing processes to generate interest in your programs so employees look forward to participating + a sales process to increase registrations for online classes and to generate  paid speaking engagements.

Can Anyone Get Certified?

Most frequent questions and answers

We encourage everyone who is interested to submit an application. 

When deciding eligibility, we take into account your intent for using the program, your speaking experience, education, professional background and leadership credentials.

An important component is your motivation for wanted to be certified in Tongue Fu! and the potential for people to be positively impacted by you.

Training Format

Day One
The First Day is a deep dive into the Tongue Fu!® content which includes such topics as:
Dealing with customer complaints, disputes, and misunderstandings

What to do when people are teasing you and saying, "Just kidding"

Replacing Words to Lose with Words to Use to turn conflict into cooperation

How to find solutions, not fault, when things go wrong Keeping our cool and a sense of perspective when dealing with difficult people

How to think on your feet and keep your cool - even when other people aren't

Treating people with the respect and courtesy we all want, need and deserve
Day One
Day Two
Preparing you to deliver and promote Tongue Fu!® material in a variety of situations.
Developing a 20 minute "core" talk you can adapt for any audience or situation

Crafting your own real-life examples and success stories to make the content "your own"

Speaking tips that help you command attention and respect - and have fun

Personalized coaching from Sam on how to make your talk as effective as possible

Tips on how to deliver content in internal videos or via social media posts and online programs

How to win enthusiastic buy-in to your Tongue Fu! program from decision-makers and participants

Customizing descriptions you can use to market your services and generate paid speaking engagements
Day Two

Ready to Apply?

Call Cheri Grimm at (805) 528-4351 or email her at with your questions.
Please put “Certification” in your subject heading.

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