Tongue Fu!® Online Course


Would you like affordable virtual communication skills training for you and/or your team members?

Would you like to be able to offer diversity, inclusion, and equity techniques to your staff?

Would you like to offer supervisory skills on coaching performance and creating a culture of cooperation?

If so, check out our Tongue Fu!® online training packaged in easy to implement 5-8 minute videos so you can dip in and derive value even when you only have a few minutes to spare.

Who is Tongue Fu!® for?

* CEO's
* Team leaders
* Customer service agents
* Government employees
* Solopreneurs
* Small business owners
* Teachers
* Government employees
* And more!

Tongue Fu!® doesn't just teach you how to deal with difficult people without becoming one yourself - it teaches you how to prevent people from becoming difficult in the first place. In these turbulent times, Tongue Fu!® is needed now more than ever.

That's why we've created the Tongue Fu!® E-course. You'll get instant access to 24 five-eight minute videos - where you'll discover how to:

* Treat people with the respect we all want, need and deserve.
* Have civil, productive conversations even when discussing emotionally-charged conversations.
* Motivate people to work together to do what is right.

When you use these trademarked techniques, you'll be able to create rapport with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere.

"I've hired and recommended Sam on multiple occasions with great success.
If you need a big dose of brilliance, you need to hire Sam now."
Gina Carr
President of Harvard MBA Alumni Club, Florida

Master the Art of Communication

*  Use communication to earn people’s receptivity and trust
*  Create a workplace where people find solutions, not fault
*  Win over resistant, resentful people and earn their respect
*  Set an example for cooperation and collaboration
*  Become a trusted leader known for your professionalism

Be Assertive - Not Aggressive

*  Speak up for yourself without stepping on people’s toes
*  Be fair yet firm when coaching mistakes in performance reviews
*  Hold people accountable for unacceptable behavior
*  Stop blamers, shamers, and complainers in their tracks 
*  Deal with drama in a no-nonsense way

Create Happier & Healthier Workplaces

*  Decrease toxic stress that comes from never knowing what to say
*  Improve mood and morale by learning how to get seen and heard
*  Increase energy and productivity by reducing misunderstandings  
*  Avoid burnout, depression, and fatigue resulting from verbal abuse
*  Thrive at work because you can confidently speak up for yourself

Gain Confidence & Clarity as a Leader

*  Never be tongue-tied again – even if you’re shy or an introvert
*  Respond in the moment – instead of thinking of the perfect response on the way home
*  Take the lead, so people listen to and value your contributions
*  Dare to deal with individuals who minimize or marginalize you
*  Boost your self-esteem by knowing how to stand up for yourself

Course Options

Get our best Tongue Fu!® tips in these easy to access and easy to implement online courses.

Split into quick 5-minute videos – we make it simple to share a motivating video at the beginning of every staff meeting or Zoom call, emailed out each morning to your team, or anytime you want to lead in a more proactive instead of reactive way.

Tongue Fu!® I

Words to LOSE & Words to USE

Tongue Fu!®  Words to LOSE & Words to USE will change the way you communicate with everyone – employees, co-workers, family & more! This course includes twelve 5-8-minute videos + 1 BONUS VIDEO from Tongue Fu!® creator & world-renowned speaker, Sam Horn.
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Tongue Fu!® II


Tongue Fu!® Turn CONFLICT Into COOPERATION can help anyone improve their conflict resolution style so you can go from hurting to helping. Includes twelve 5-8 minute videos + 1 BONUS VIDEO from Tongue Fu!® creator & world-renowned speaker Sam Horn.

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Full Program

Includes both Tongue Fu!® courses

SAVE $97! Become a Tongue Fu!® master with this bundle including both courses – Words to LOSE & Words to USE + Turn CONFLICT Into COOPERATION. Featuring 26 5-8 minute videos presented by Tongue Fu!® creator and world renowned speaker, Sam Horn.
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