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How Does Sam Help You?

Louis Nizer said, "No speech is good without an original thought." In today's competitive marketplace, no speaker/author/consultant is "good" unless we have original titles, topics, and approaches.  If we're saying the same thing as everyone else, why should meeting planners hire us, why should publishers give us a contract, why should busy people waste their precious time reading our blogs, websites, article, why should prospective clients choose to work with us?

You may be thinking, I agree with this, but HOW do I come up with original approaches? How do I get my book out of my head and into the world?  How do I produce presentations and products that are one-of-a-kind instead of one-of-many?  How do I position my business so it breaks out instead of blends in?  How can I establish POP! of Mind Awareness with my target audience?

That's where I come in. I'm known for my ability to interview you and crystallize your unique experience and expertise into an compelling, commercially viable message that has the potential and power to drive your entrepreneurial career for years to come. 

For whatever reason, (and believe me, I'm grateful for it), my mind has an uncanny ability to create original approaches that help you STAND OUT and win buy-in for what you have to say and sell.  I have systemized this into The POP! Process (patent pending) -- and have used it successfully with hundreds of clients and thousands of audience members in the past decade. 


You're probably wondering what exactly I do and how I can help you accomplish your goals. That varies with each client.  My first question to you is, “What can we focus on to make the most of our time together?”  Once I know your priorities, we focus on best to achieve them. 

The following questions are just a few of the ways I’ve helped previous clients figure out what it is they have to offer that’s special -- and how they could make a “good living” (literally and figuratively) getting paid to do work they love with people they respect.


  • What’s the status of your project or where are you in your career?
  • Where do you want to be with your project or career this time next year?
  • What are your strategic goals?  Do you want to drive more keynotes?  Finish your book?  Attract media attention?  Introduce a product? Develop a full-time coaching career? 
  • Are you not sure of the commercial viability of your idea or project and want to evaluate its potential before you invest a lot of time, effort, and money?
  • Do you want to write a book, start a speaking/coaching business, develop a business name and slogan, become an infopreneur, and just aren't sure where or how to start?
  • Do you need help figuring out exactly what you, your creation or company has to offer that's different from what’s already available so you break out instead of blend in?
  • Do you want to corner a niche by creating a niche?
  • Are you looking for a memorable slogan for your company, cause or campaign?
  •  Are you looking to build a brand "empire" that produces multiple revenue streams?
  • Do you want professional guidance from a best-selling author on how to write, edit, and finish a QUALITY proposal/ manuscript that gets the attention of New York publishers?
  • Do you want insightful coaching from an award-winning speaker (2003-04 Outstanding Capital Speaker) on how to create and deliver a rollicking, real-life presentation that has audiences on the edge of their seats and that motivates meeting planners to call you?
  • Are you juggling several different topics or business directions and want to get clarity on which has the most potential payoff so you finally focus on the one with Highest ROI?
  • Do you want to crystallize attention-grabbing titles, taglines, and Jerry Maguire Intros that make your projects, products, proposals and presentations POP!?


I have had the pleasure of helping clients do all of the above.

How Do We Work Together?

We can work "virtually" - or in person.  About two-thirds of my clients work with me over the phone.   The other third either come to my lakefront home in Reston , VA (ten minutes from Washington DC 's Dulles Airport ) or meet with me one-on-one when I'm in their area for a speaking engagement. 

Special Project Price:  Do you have a more involved project or want Sam to work with you over a period of months to oversee your progress and hold your accountable for results?  Sam occasionally agrees to take on creative projects and charges a flat fee for that type of work.  Contact Cheri at info@samhorn.com to discuss your specific needs and to make these arrangements.  


Just to let you know, my fees are what they are because dozens of clients have told me, "I've spent thousands of dollars on book coaches, branding specialists, and business consultants; and I got more from you in one hour than I did in months of working with these other 'experts'."  

You are welcome to pay with a check, Visa, Master Card, or American Express (Get those mileage awards!)  Half of your package fee is due upon scheduling the first appointment, and the other half of the payment is due when we're halfway through your package time.

Are You Wondering If This Will be Worth Your While?

You may be thinking, "There are a lot of consultants out there.  What's so special about you?" Hopefully, the testimonials from a wide variety of satisfied clients will show my proven track record.  I don't make empty promises.  My goal is to 1) exceed your expectations, 2) help you make tangible progress on your goals, and 3) help you develop an original, one-of-a-kind identity  that catapults your career, dramatically increases your income, establishes you as a respected expert on your topic, and attracts favorable interest from publishers, meeting planners, readers, audience members, website visitors, blog readers, and media.

My rather rare combination of experience uniquely qualifies me to mentor you.  A few of my credentials include:

*  Top-rated speaker at the '96 and '98 International Platform Association conventions and 2003-

2004 Outstanding Capital Speaker.  I've presented programs to more than half a million people   

in 35 states and 4 foreign countries and for such organizations as NASA, Young Presidents

Organization, National Governors Association, the US Navy, Hewlett-Packard, Fortune 500

Forum, Lockheed Martin, Loma Linda University , Legg Mason, and Booz-Allen.

*  My books (from major New York publishers St. Martin 's Press and Perigee) have been sold

around the world,  endorsed by Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Ken Blanchard, John Gray, Mark

Victor Hanson, Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, Richard Carlson, and Susan Jeffers, and have

been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Washington Post, Chicago

Tribune, Investors Business Daily, Seattle Times and dozens of other national publications.

*   14-time Emcee of the world-renown Maui Writers Conference, which has given me a first-hand

opportunity to work with hundreds of best-selling authors and top directors (e.g., Dave Barry,

Mitch Albom, Natalie Goldberg, Frank McCourt, Ron Howard, James Brooks, and Sue Grafton),

and dozens of top agents and executive editors from New York 's largest publishing houses.

*  Frequent media guest who's been interviewed on every major network and hundreds of TV and

radio shows including NPR's popular Diane Rehm Show, Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, Dr. Laura,   and To Tell The Truth (where her Tongue Fu! team stumped the panel!)




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