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“Let us then, be up and doing.”  - Longfellow





 Looking for an inspiring, insightful article for your newsletter, blog or website?


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Interested in some thought-provoking ideas to catapult your on-and-off-the job effectiveness?


Want to get an idea of what Sam might share in a program on Communication, Creativity, Connection, or Concentration?


Look no further.


We’ve compiled some of Sam’s most-requested articles on handling complaints, composing innovative ideas, meeting people confidently, and staying focused in a chaotic office.


We’re making these available to you so you can share them with your employees, association members, colleagues, clients, and subscribers.


All we ask is that you include the 3-4 line bio at the end of each article so this information is properly attributed to Sam and so readers have access to her contact information.


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We hope you and your readers find these articles full of real-world tips and techniques that help create a better quality of work and life (now, not someday) and they help you be “up and doing.”




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