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  Articles for You to Read and Reproduce  

Articles for You to Read and Reproduce


“Let us then, be up and doing.”  - Longfellow



Looking for an inspiring, insightful article for your newsletter, blog or website?


Would you like a sampling of Sam’s books to get a feel for her writing style and content?


Interested in some thought-provoking ideas to catapult your on-and-off-the job effectiveness?


Want to get an idea of what Sam might share in a program on Communication?


Look no further.


We’ve compiled some of Sam’s most-requested articles on handling complaints, turning conflict into cooperation, and recognizing and dealing with bullies.


We’re making these available to you so you can share them with your employees, association members, colleagues, clients, and subscribers.


All we ask is that you include the 3-4 line bio at the end of each article so this information is properly attributed to Sam and so readers have access to her contact information.


It’s nice to receive a copy of the publication or online column featuring Sam’s work.  If you’ll send us a clip, we appreciate it and may even be able to link to your organization and cross-market.


We hope you and your readers find these articles full of real-world tips and techniques that help create a better quality of work and life (now, not someday) and they help you be “up and doing.”




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